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Cassandra Jones
HI Adam! Purchased four of the digital high resolution images of my shepherd girls at dock diving in Columbiana. Truly amazing work, and one is my favorite of that dog in the two years I've had her! Thank you so much!!
Sobe Grove(non-registered)
Adam, Great photos from noogastrong tourney of Chomp team!!! Thank you very much!!! Woof! Woof!
JS Thurman(non-registered)
I purchased the CD with 10 pictures of my pup, Esme. Adam did such a great job taking wonderful pictures of Esme throughout each course. I was really impressed with his keen eye, and further impressed with his editing. He was really attentive to my notes and special requests for each picture and they turned out beautifully! I can't wait to see Adam at more trials!
Lynn Turner
Love your photos! Just found them. Picked some favorites and will be back to buy some! Great job. Love the texture of the pictures. Teresa Turner
Caro, Bube,George(non-registered)
Checking out webpage so I'll know where to look for pics you took today. Thanks for taking so much time helping me and my pups
Joanne Halvorson(non-registered)
Thanks for taking all the awesome photographs at the agility trial in Oneonta, Alabama. I am just now getting to look through the ones you took of my dogs so I can place my order, especially the PACH pictures of my youngster, Kayla!
MARYJO MAROTTA(non-registered)
Looking over the photos
Sonia & Fred Terryn(non-registered)
Enjoy seeing all of your pictures, great job ! Waiting on Sundays pics before we order.
Just visiting. Trying to find the schedule for the fly dog practices. Would love to visit them!
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