Greetings, my name is Adam - a photographer & educator in Helena, AL. My background is in digital arts, photography, & illustration. My work has been published in children's books, comic books, journals, magazines, billboards, & all over the web. I have also been featured in AKC journals/magazines & also Victoria Stillwell publications for canine photography articles.

I have been professionally shooting weddings, events, & dog sports since 2010 & enjoy every moment. I am patient & will wait for my moment to click the shutter to capture a magical moment in time. I love capturing weddings, portraiture, landscapes & any timeless moments.

My Master's degree is in Visual Art Education, so I teach during school hours. I might be busy during those times, HOWEVER, I see to EACH image & maximize the potential of each photo. I firmly believe in taking pride in each shot versus a pump-n-dump system / spray & pray to make a buck.  I have a ZERO pressure sales attitude - I want my customers to be able to enjoy the event they are at, instead of pressure to make the sale right then & there.

I am very competitive & try to keep prices/packages low for repeat business. I can work with anyone on a fair price. Specializing in digital arts & with current technology/software, I can remove or alter any photo to the customer's liking. There is very little that I cannot do & there is so much I can offer with endless possibilities! Collages, themes, backgrounds, special effects, & other creative edits are always offered & welcomed.

Custom requests are ALWAYS welcome & encouraged!